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We are Los Angeles Building Code Specialists with over ten years credit in the Expert Witness and Consultation arena and over 20 years in hands-on experience related to construction and the violations associated with unpermitted issues.

  • Are you challenging how a building has been constructed?
  • Has your client been injured because of potential unpermitted construction?
  • Has approved or unapproved construction caused property damage?
  • Did your client purchase a property only to find out a portion needs to be restored back or demolished?
  • Do you need an estimate of cost associated to legalize unapproved construction?

Windrich can provide the back up to your case with expert reports, depositions and court testimony. Please review the online CV for Zoran Windrich. Call our offices to obtain the full version.

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We Can Help You Navigate the LAHD:  Los Angeles Housing Department

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We Can Help You Navigate the LAHD:  Los Angeles Housing Department

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