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Building Plan Solutions for Legalization and Approval

In this scope, WGI will contact the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Planning and Zoning and argue the conversion and use as stated in scope of work bellow after WGI As-Built plans are drawn and finalized. Once the proposed submitted drawings are received, WGI will proceed with the corrections and clearances, WGI will address all corrections and clearances issued by the Building and Safety Department. WGI will argue false misrepresentations and unjust conclusions. WGI will maintain existing conditions as much as possible, and adhere to the Building Code conditions for approval. AS-BUILT PROCESS See separate WGI As-Built Agreement
  • PHASE TWO – CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS (CDs) – Finalize architectural Details, verify: Site Plan, Parking Plan, & Floor Plan of proposed work for submittal.
  • PHASE THREE – DEPARTMENTAL CLEARANCES & CORRECTIONS -Review. and clarify Construction Document corrections contact Agency Plan Checker. – Notify owner of major conditions noted by plan checker as well as any new consultants required.
  • PHASE FOUR – Ready to Issue (“RTI”) a building permit. – Meet with owner and deliver RTI document and approved plans. – Review WGI Construction Management Services (fee to be negotiated separately)
WHEN ARE PLANS REQUIRED? If you need to legalize, say a wall you built dividing a space or apartment, plans will be needed to show the plan checker in plan where the wall ls located in plan and sometimes an elevation to show how the wall affects the existing floor and ceiling area. The wall will need to answer in structural detail s how it is connected. Show the site plan with all the features on the lot including existing and proposed parking spaces.
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Plans and detail are also used for:

  • Stairs Rebuilt
  • Door and Wall Addition
  • Patio Enclosure
  • Room Separations
  • Converted Recreational Room
  • Converted Storage Space
  • Converted Laundry Room
  • Converted Garage
  • Converted Basement
  • Unapproved Construction
  • Dividing your apartments to create new apartments
  • Diving your large apartments to add an additional bedroom
  • Second Dwelling / ADU at your current Lot
  • Additions to your Home
  • Addition to your Apartment Building

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Building Plans


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