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Most Los Angeles Homeowners do not know if their property has an unpermitted guesthouse, additions or modifications until they are cited by the city.

For whatever reason due diligence wasn't being observed during the escrow process, you are now left carrying the burden of non-compliance derived from years, possibly decades of oversight.

Today, Los Angeles Code Enforcement for the single family residence is only present when a neighbor or tenant complaint is made. By the year 2010, all single family residences in the city of Los Angeles will be subject to inspection. This means all changes made to the footprint since the birth of the property without permits will need to be permitted, converted back or demolished. All three options can cost more than you ever imagined.

Windrich Can:

  • Identify what you can or cannot legalize on your property.
  • Assist through the citation process for a speedy sign-off.
  • Identify what you can add or convert (guesthouse, garage conversion, addition or modification).


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Los Angeles Property Solutions

We Can Help You Navigate the LAHD:  Los Angeles Housing Department

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We Can Help You Navigate the LAHD:  Los Angeles Housing Department

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