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Correcting Unpermitted & Illegal Construction

In the city of Los Angeles, unpermitted guesthouses and garage conversions are on just about every block. Some more obvious than others, all unpermitted additions/changes must have architectural plans and permits in order to be legal. Windrich Group suggests pulling a property’s building records pre-purchase to cover you and/or your family of the liabilities which might cost you thousands of dollars to legalize.
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Legal Solutions

We are Los Angeles Building Code Specialists with over ten years credit in the Expert Witness and Consultation arena and over 20 years in hands-on experience related to construction and the violations associated with unpermitted issues.

Windrich Group will obtain measurements and drawings of the proposed work. WGI will have the plans approved and obtain RTI (ready to issue a building permit).

Once all needed inspections are signed off a Certificate of Completion, Windrich Group will provide back up and research to support the next step should be taken in order to resolve the issue. Sometimes research does the trick other times a structural engineer or electrical or mechanical engineer is needed to properly address the solution, A Certificate of Occupancy or completion is issued.

In Los Angeles, most small and all medium-plus size construction-style jobs need permits. This means you will need Building Plans with the changes or additions to the property reviewed by a City Planner. Once the plans are approved, they then get stamped “Ready to Issue.” Only a licensed Contractor can expedite the stamped plans to pull a permit. Once your Contractor pulls the permit, only a sign off by a Los Angeles City Inspector will complete the legal process.

If you are going to put good money into your objective, permits solidify your efforts and are recorded as law. If you get cited for unapproved construction and/or use and the work done was not qualified by a real expert, there is a good chance you will have to tear down the remodel or demolish the addition! Permits also increase the value of your property.

Windrich’s expertise in expediting and reviewing any Building Plans has saved property owners like you time, money and hassle. We can assist in managing your construction jobs to ensure all work is being done correctly in a timely manner. If the work has already been completed and is having trouble with sign-offs, we suggest setting up a consultation.


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