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Property Assessment REPORT & FINDINGS

The Property Assessment REPORT AND  FINDINGS,  developed  by  the Windrich  Group In c., (WGl), is intended to identify your property needs and potential. It is designed to assist in your decision-making and will provide you with the objective and solutions. It includes the following research and documents.


  1. Retrieval and review of City Building records.
  2. Retrieval and review of LA County building records
  3. Review documentation provided by owner before or at time of inspection.
  4. Comprehensive visual property inspection with Videography and photographs. (FOR WGI USE ONLY).
  5. Review necessary discretionary permits needed i.e.: Conditional Use Permit, Variances , etc., and identify additional costs when applicable.
  6. Study existing conditions, obtained building records, parking and cost estimate for soft costs and hard costs for the proposed recommendations.
  7. Identify parking on lot and requirements potential solution(s).
  8. Provide cost evaluation for future solutions proposed.
  9. E-mail PA (property assessment) a) findings, (b) conclusion, (c) recommendation, (d) estimated cost for plans and construction and (e) building records.
  10. Email or fax all building records obtained for client
  11. CONFERENCE CALL: Contact client and discuss, conclusion, recommendation and estimated cost evaluation. Follow up phone consultation, up to 30 minutes, 15 business days following receipt of the property analysis report.


  1. Retrieval and review of City Building records.
  2. Comprehensive visual property inspection with videography and photographs (FOR WGI USE ONLY).
  3.  Identify parking on lot and potential solution(s) .
  4. E-mail conclusion, recommendation, estimated cos t evaluation. Standard report takes 10-1 S business days to complete.
  5. Email or fax all building records obtained.

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Property Assessment & Report


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