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Parking Area, Private

An open area located on the same lot with a dwelling, apartment house, hotel, or apartment hotel, for the parking of automobiles of the occupants of such buildings. (Amended by Ord. No. 138,859, Eff.8/21/69.)

Parking Space, Automobile

Space within a building or a private or public parking area, exclusive of driveways, ramps, columns, office and work areas, for the parking of one automobile.

Principal Use

The main permitted use of land or structures as distinguished from an accessory use. (Added by Ord. No. 152,467, Eff,7/13/79.) Recreation Room- A room, contained in either a main building or an accessory building, designed to be utilized primarily for games, the pursuit of hobbies, social gatherings, and such activities. Such a room may contain such plumbing fixtures as are utilized in a bar or for hobby activities. Such a room in a single-family or two-family, or in an accessory building appurtenant to a single-family or two-family, may not include facilities fort the cooking and preparation of food. However, in multiple residential use or in an accessory building appurtenant thereto, a recreation room which is for the common use of all the dwelling units therein, may contain facilities for the cooking and preparation of food. (Added by Ord. No. 138,685, Eff.7/10/69.)

Rentable Floor Area

The floor area in a building, exclusive of corridors, stairs, elevator shafts, lavatories, flues and janitors' storage closets.

Residential Building

A building or portion thereof designed or used for human habitation. (Added by Ord. No. 107,884, Eff.9/23/56.)

Residential Planned Development

A group of residential buildings and appurtenant structures located and arranged in accordance with the requirements of the RPD residential Planned Development District (Sec. 13.04) in which the property is located. A residential planned development may include schools. I may also churches, hospitals, infirmaries, recreational and commercial uses, as an integral part of the development and intended for use by its occupants, to an extent commensurate with the planned population of the RPD district. (Added by Ord. No. 141,474, Eff.2//27/71.)

Room, Habitable

An enclosing subdivision in a residential building commonly used for living purposes, but not including any lobby, hall, closet, storage space, water closet, bath, toilet, slop sink, general utility room or service porch. A recess from a room or an alcove( other than a dining area) having 50 square feet or more of floor area and so located that it could be partitioned off to form a habitable room, shall be considered a habitable room.

For the purpose of applying the automobile parking space requirements of this article, any kitchen as defined herein shall be considered a habitable room and, if it is a part of a room designed for other than food preparation or eating purposes, such remaining portion shall also be considered habitable room.

For the purpose of applying the lot area requirements of the article, a kitchen less than 100 square feet of room area wall to wall shall not be considered a habitable room. (Added by Ord. No. 146,421, Eff.9/14/74.)

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