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Windrich Group DVD Bundle.

 Package includes 3 DVD's and a data CD.

  • Inspection
  • Managment
  • Bootlegs
  • Bonus Articles

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Los Angeles Property HQs THREE DVD’S


    This video takes you through several apartments and units and it’s as if you are right there with me seeing and hearing everything that I see that you should know about. I discuss what I see even if it’s not commonly observed but I also discuss ways to solve the problem and why. There are close-ups of the problems I see so you can really see what I’m talking about in close up details.

    This video was produced in classroom for Property Management Training Class in Long Beach. The certification required a session on Building code requirements where I go over key points on the City Of Los Angeles LAHD NTC (Notice to Comply. I describe and discuss all relevant and most frequent issues when managing property. No body was falling asleep and many questions were answered.

    In this video we discuss several bootlegs and un-approved construction issues. You are right there from the front with me, inside discussing why it’s an issue and what clues are left for an inspector to see in the open. I discuss problems usually found with bootlegs and frequently overlooked issues that you should know about. You will never walk by a bootleg without questioning and remembering this video.

Los Angeles Property HQs BONUS DATA CD


    1. Code Violations 2005
      Learn what you should be looking for at your building that even the inspector won’t see. This will stop the problem in it’s tacks and keep your building healthy.
    2. Legalization of Bootleg Units 2005
      If you want income or put mom someplace close and safe that is affordable you need to read this article. If you don’t – you could be charged thousands for relocation and get stuck without income for months and still legalize the bootleg. So why not do it before it becomes a problem for you.
    3. The Systematic Code Enforcement Ordinance #2 2005
      If you own a rental property (with two or more units) it will be inspected unless you live in it by LAHD. You should be aware what the ground rules are that you must follow or you will pay dearly.
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  • Inspection check list, important code sections to know and more

      Review all major points that inspectors look for at your property. This will help you “flag” big and small issues that you may not be aware.
      This article was written for you in mind to give you as much about what to look for and hints on what to look for in most areas affected by tenants and occupants. It will give you first hand expert advise from an inspectors point of view.
      This checklist has it all; it has the sections and language that the city uses to identify violations. This language is what they use to justify their work. This should be used as reference and for your information as to the language the City uses for violation identification. If you are seeking LEGAL proof this would not be the form and code sections to use.

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    We Can Help You Navigate the LAHD:  Los Angeles Housing Department

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