Windrich is a “Turn-Key” Real Estate Solutions Company that provides specific and specialized property services needed in all of Los Angeles and Southern California.


Every property is different. There is never a shortage of individual circumstances that have either been brought to the surface through city government, tenant and/or neighbor advocacy. The best solution is to resolve the matter, however somewhere between time and money and time is money, you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Windrich Group will assist with getting you to the objective on your property regardless of the issue. We concentrate but are not limited to the following disciplines in the Real Estate realm:

• Legalizing Unpermitted Construction, Conversions or Modifications
• Landlord Rights / Tenant Harassment
• Landlord Rights / City Harassment
• Order To Comply Solutions
• Land Use
• Zone Changes
• Variances
• Certificates of Occupancy
• Certificates of Completion
• Easements
• Encroachments
• Eminent Domain
• Egress Requirements & Solutions
• Zone Changes
• ADA Requirements & Solutions
• Relocation Fee Requirements & Solutions
• Contractual Review & Negotiation*
• Acquisition*
• Loan & Financing Negotiations
• Mortgage & Loan Security Issues
• Owner/Borrower Entity Issues
• Construction Contract Negotiations*
• Eviction*
• Breach of Sales Agreements*
• Real Estate Fraud*
• Enforcement of Personal Guarantees*
• Buy-Sell Agreements*
• Unauthorized Assignments*The list goes on. Count on the firm that has helped thousands of Real Estate Owners get a handle on their property.

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In most cases, it does not matter if you bought the building without knowing about unpermitted changes. See more about Permits


If your agent tells you not to worry about an unpermitted unit in Los Angeles, they are not thinking in your best interest. Get a Consultation

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