Notice and Order to Comply

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Received a Notice And Order to Comply?

Multi-Unit Property

Over 48,000 cases are closed every year and over 190 new Orders to Comply are established every working day. As a result of SCEP, close to two-billion dollars has been reinvested by owners based from violation citations only. Legal multi-unit properties are subject to inspection on average every three to five years by the Los Angeles Housing Department.

Single Family Residence

As with all good landlord-tenant relationships, the city never falls short of exceptions. When tenant or neighbor expectations are continually ignored or not satisfied; phone calls are made, advocacy groups get involved and trouble begins. Whether or not it appears that their objective is retaliatory, an unplanned and sometimes unnecessary inspection usually results in a Notice / Order to Comply from the Los Angeles Building & Safety Department.

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Resolve your Notice

Anyone cited With a Notice & Order to Comply could be put in REAP as early as 45 days from the date of the notice. The sooner each violation is cleared from your Notice / Order to Comply, the better off your unwanted engagement with the city will be.

When you receive an Order To Comply (OTC) stating that your property violates Code, read the order carefully to identify which items:

  • require a permit
  • find contact information for the inspector or supervisor
  • determine what fees may be applied and penalties if not paid on time
  • determine appeal procedures

The current property owner is responsible for complying with the Order, even if previous owners or tenants have performed the un-permitted work or created the violation.

Generally LAHD provides 30 days to comply with the order (NTC/NSC). In some cases an inspector may grant an extension of time. However, if the violation has not been corrected by the compliance period specified on the order or any extension thereafter, the case is forwarded for enforcement. During enforcement, a General Manager’s hearing is scheduled. The Hearing Officer may refer the property for inclusion into the Rent Escrow Account Program and/or refer the owner to the City Attorney’s Office for prosecution.


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