SCEP is an acronym for ‘Systematic Code Enforcement Program’. Through the SCEP program, LAHD housing inspectors conduct a site visit to every single Los Angeles rental income property with two or more units on a three-year revolving basis.

Pre-SCEP Inspection

SCEP stands for Systematic Code Enforcement Program: A city inspection that lacks no expense to emphasize the importance of maintaining your building to a livable standard.

Today it pertains to every multi-unit property owner in Los Angeles and will carry over to the single-family household due to its income-producing dynamics (fees, permits, etc.). Windrich finds Landlords looking to be proactive, expressing the interest to maintain, but has little direction as to how when dealing with the LAHD (Los Angeles Housing Department). When you are cited by LAHD, you are ordered to correct what you might even consider more than acceptable. You have to correct your violations in a time-sensitive matter otherwise additional fees will start compounding.

“This building has been inspected before and there were no major issues.”

unpermitted conversion guesthouseIt depends on the Inspector, what he/she brings with them to define your potential issues and/or the wear and tear within the last time you were inspected. You could not believe how many of our clients say ‘everything was fine the last time I got inspected, but this new Inspector was’ this or that, or ‘this Inspector was completely green, must have been a new hire. I didn’t have these problems before.’ The bottom line is once it makes it to a citation, it qualifies. Someone needs to correct or challenge it properly. The most important thing to remember is this scenario does not have to be the common reality consensus if more property owners chose to repair correctly before the city inspection date.


And this goes for veterans as well as first time building owners: Start work ahead of the citation by doing a Pre-SCEP Inspection through Windrich.

  • Save on time, hassle or extended costs associated with your Order to Comply.
  • Use our checklist and report as a key to what is accepted as passable .
  • Learn what you can do to keep your property citations down to a minimum.

When property issues are taken care of correctly before an inspection, the less emphasis is placed on that item during the actual city inspection. Take initiative and call the experts who know the property owner’s struggles before property owners know themselves.

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In most cases, it does not matter if you bought the building without knowing about unpermitted changes. See more about Permits


If your agent tells you not to worry about an unpermitted unit in Los Angeles, they are not thinking in your best interest. Get a Consultation

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