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“We would recommend this company to anyone who’s serious about preparing their property properly and with accurate information. Their service made us feel more valuable to our new employer.”
– Chris and Julie Vigeant, Property Managers 04/2018

Property Management Services

Los Angeles Property Managers are subject to prepare for LAHD Systematic Code Inspections once every three years. Citations are written when a lack of maintenance occurs or unapproved additions are made, such as bootleg units.

A typical Handyman does not understand what the city will require. A typical Property Manager will not know if an illegal unit is present unless they are told or are cited. Why not take the guesswork out of both?

Windrich Group can:

  • Train your maintenance team on-site and give them the direction needed to pass a SCEP inspection.
  • Assist with tenant-created disturbances or violations subsequent for eviction.
  • Provide a complete Pre-SCEP inspection to identify deficiencies and unapproved units or uses.
  • Manage your “Order to Comply” by overviewing and directing the applications made to each violation.

All citations are time-sensitive and will need to be taken care of swiftly. Get an advantage early on by calling us today to schedule one of these very pro-active services.

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In most cases, it does not matter if you bought the building without knowing about unpermitted changes. See more about Permits


If your agent tells you not to worry about an unpermitted unit in Los Angeles, they are not thinking in your best interest. Get a Consultation

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