In the city of Los Angeles, unpermitted guesthouses and garage conversions are on just about every block. Some more obvious than others…

We Can Correct Your Unpermitted Guesthouse and/or Garage Conversion.

In the city of Los Angeles, unpermitted guesthouses and garage conversions are on just about every block. Some more obvious than others, all unpermitted additions/changes must have architectural plans and permits in order to be legal.

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Unpermitted Guesthouse and Garage Conversions

Many clients who engage work with Windrich Group did not do the work or even know unpermitted construction existed until they were cited by the Los Angeles Building & Safety Department. Windrich Group suggests pulling a property’s building records pre-purchase to cover you and/or your family of the liabilities which might cost you thousands of dollars to legalize. Legalizing a garage conversion could mean restoring the room back into a garage. Legalizing an unpermitted guesthouse could mean restoring back to its original permitted use or worse, demolition.

Unpermitted Guesthouse and Garage Conversions

The problem for most current homeowners with unpermitted guesthouses or garage conversions is the possibility of losing space they consider part of their home or an income-producing supplement of their livelihood (renting). In order to find out what can be done to keep the existing unpermitted construction and use(s), due diligence must take place. All zoning, parking, setback, height and lot size requirements must be met. In addition, your property might be subject to special conditions that limit the amount of change that can be legally made.

Do You Have a Guesthouse or Garage Conversion?

For your unpermitted guesthouse and garage conversion identification needs, call Windrich Group to speak with a representative about our Property Analysis Report services. Our company not only concentrates on correcting an issue, but we also look at what further can be expanded upon. Whether you can add a second-story, third-story or a room addition, it is all included in the report. » Let’s fix this!


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In most cases, it does not matter if you bought the building without knowing about unpermitted changes. See more about Permits


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